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Two level Luxury Villa rental with sunny garden and pool in Miholascica, 150 meters from the beach. 
The living rooms have access to a seasonal garden with Mediterranean fragrant flowers of Kvarner bay and Istria.

The pebble sandy beach is only 150 meters away. The sea is crystal clear ideal for snorkeling. The beach is facing west overlooking islands and open sea, with a perfect settings for sunset and moon gaze. 

Miholascica is a quiet beach village situated in the beginning of Martinscica bay. This location is a great spot to enjoy serene family time and explore both Cres and Losinj islands. The nature on Cres is still untouched and pristine full of nature reserves. Relax in MEACres pool villa rental.

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MEACres Villas also feature magnificent views. The beach with crystal waters streches for 3 kilometers through Martinščica and towards kamp Slatina . You can have a Quick run to the beach and swim out to the sunset or just stay at your pool. The restaurant
is only 50 meters away.  And local shop is 900 meters away. 

The north of Island Cres is mostly covered in ancient rain-forest Tramuntana where you can also see old ruins and witness migrations of old settlements (the hidstory ates back to Greeks and Romans). Beli is one of the oldest and important Cres settlements. Its first name is Caput insulea, which in Latin means the Head of the Island. Beli was historically important because of its strategic position on a hill above the sea from which the residents protected the sea merchant roads. It is acropolis shape located on a 130 meter high canyon with a beautiful view of the eastern part of Kvarner.

The villa has access to garden and pool from its cozy living room, and also has 2 spacious bedrooms with balcony on second level.

The secluded and private sitting area in the garden also features a wonderful sea view, a pool and a barbecue, and you can spend many pleasant and serene moments there during your stay.

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Sliding down to the Martinscica bay, the first village is a green beach village of Miholascica. First house on right is MEACres villa rental

Martinscica is located in a spacious bay on the west coast, the second largest place on the island, named after the medieval church of St. Martin. Beautifully landscaped village with lots of Mediterranean vegetation is known as a place with one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic - take it live from your pool.

Babina hill views to the north and east,  and mesmerizing pebble seaside Kvarner bay views to the west and south.

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Cres Legends:

Vrana lake 

    There is a legend that Lake Vrana was a large field where two sisters called Gavranka lived. One of them was rich and lived in a castle, and the other one was poor, and lived in a modest cottage. The rich sister was very evil and cruel to her poor sister, so the God punished her by earthquake and flood. Her castle was then destroyed by those natural disasters, and the ruins of it can still be seen at the bottom of the lake, and also sometimes, during a storm, you can hear the bells ringing from the water. 

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