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  • 提供する物件のタイプは何か (例: ヴィラ、アパートメント、一戸建てなど)?
  • あなたのバケーションレンタルの良さとは?ユニークな点はどこか?目玉となるのは何か (プール、山が見渡せる景色など)?
  • キーポイントは何か (例: ベッドルーム数、何人用、キッチン、スタイル)?
  • 近隣環境はどんな様子か? 付近の主な見どころは何か? (例: ビーチ、スキー場の近くなど)?

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Vrana lake 

    There is a legend that Lake Vrana was a large field where two sisters called Gavranka lived. One of them was rich and lived in a castle, and the other one was poor, and lived in a modest cottage. The rich sister was very evil and cruel to her poor sister, so the God punished her by earthquake and flood. Her castle was then destroyed by those natural disasters, and the ruins of it can still be seen at the bottom of the lake, and also sometimes, during a storm, you can hear the bells ringing from the water. 

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